Privacy Policy of K Weera

Dated 2021 01 08

We Respect Your Privacy.

⚝ K Weera collects usernames (emails) and user type of users, who are using K Weera's web services for provide better user service.

⚝ Permissioned admins may access the system log incase of need (Maintenance, Security). They also have no access to your sensitive (encrypted) data.

⚝ K Weera never sell user data to any other third party.

Teaching & Training

Dated 2020 02 18

Mobile Teaching Policy

⚝ K Weera - IT & Engineering Services is committed to enhancing lifelong learning through mobile learning.

To achieve this task, K Weera is developing many e-Teaching resources:

K Weera is committed to facilitating the processes of teaching and learning.

Specially, K Weera is committed to teaching adults who need self-development through self-learning while engaged with a job.

K Weera publish teaching resources through many Platforms without discriminating against the rights of users while allowing them to select our lessons with their preferences.

K Weera answer only comments and questions related to teaching and learning materials enhancing the learning process.

Further, K Weera never collect, store any personnel information belongs to users.