1. Construction of Automobile Workshop - location Horana

The Workshop Constructed with consideration of all the aspects, safety and fair cost.


2. Design and Develop Total Engineering Workshop Management System

The Computerized System covers each and every areas of Any kind of Engineering Workshop.


3. ICT Learning App

The Mobile App covers ICT (Information and Communication Technology) with very rich content arranged with user interface that supports memorize; also we provided app free for anyone who like to learn and we are no selling ads.


4. Joined to Production Line Design - location Rajagiriya

The Production line design is related several Products and targeted to Mass Production. Also, the project will lead to a New Factory too.


5. OL Mathematics Mobile App

This App covers very basics of Mathematics and the app is suit for OL Students. Also, App is gaining through time.


6. Software Testing and Expert Support - location Canada

Perforemed Testing, Debug and Finalized by Experts about Custom e-commerce Platform.


7. Investigation for Hotel Construction - location Algama

An Investigation have performed for Hotel Construction how considering about land, other factors and resources.


8. Software Testing and QA Service - location Kirillawala

Tested custom Enterprise Application with covering each and every Modules.


9. Ciyal Platform

An All-In-One Platform for Products, Services and Deliveries. The Platform will be covering all the aspects of Buyers and Sellers with Time and Money Saving.


10. Expert Support for Upgrading a Web-based Enterprise Application with Innovative Technologies - location Colombo

Whole project result an Innovative Platform.


11. Project Management and Consultancy of Construction - location Peradeniya


12. IT Consultancy - location Ganemulla

Consultancy of our best experts for Enterprise IT Solution.


13. Joint Application Development and IT Consultancy - location Kadawatha

Security solution designed and developed with out of box concepts.


14. Expert Support for Android Mobile Application - location Ganemulla


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