Appropriate Design

⚝ Assure @ Maximum Safety and Quality

⚝ Work @ Minimum Cost

⚝ Optimize @ Design Requirements

⚝ Apply @ innovative and Cutting-edge Technologies

Our Professional Team of Designers, Engineers, Technicians taking care of the Best Customized Solution for Your Business Sustainability forever.


We are here to design and build New Machines suit to your Product or Production-Line at minimum cost while maintaining maximum output with industrial safety and environmental sustainability (Optimize conditions are considered).

Energy & Money Saving

We conduct special Energy audits and Propose viable low-cost solutions to save money.


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Past Machine Design and Build Projects


⚫ Joined to Production Line Design - location Rajagiriya

Taken Care Of

Plan and Design a industrial machineries
Preliminary Design

With Addition Of

• Cunsultancy
• Cost reduction models
• Energy saving models